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The scientific study of planets, stars, black holes, comets and other celestial bodies that make up outer space.

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Astronomy; Planetology

Relating to the sky and outer space. Stars and planets are celestial objects because they are related to outer space.


Astronomy; Planetology

Polish scientist who first put forward the idea that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun.


Astronomy; Planetology

The planet that is eighth in distance from the Sun. It is the fourth largest planet in the Solar System.


Astronomy; Planetology

To move in a path around another object. Satellites orbit the Earth and Earth makes an orbit around the Sun.


Astronomy; Planetology

The planet that is ninth in order from the Sun and usually the farthest in distance. Pluto is smallest and coldest planet.


Astronomy; Planetology

Thirty-three light years away, in the constellation Leo the lion, astronomers say they have found a world considerably smaller than Earth, orbiting a dim red-dwarf star. This ...


Astronomy; Planetology

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System. Its name came from the Roman god of war, and it’s known as the Red Planet because of its reddish appearance due to the ...