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Dealing with vehicles or machines used in flight or propulsion through the air.

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Aviation > Air traffic control

VFR terminal area chart

Aviation; Air traffic control

An aeronautical chart (using a scale of 1:250 000) that depicts terminal control area (TCA) airspace, which provides for the control or segregation of all aircraft within the TCA. ...

urgent PIREP

Aviation; Air traffic control

(a) volcanic ash; (b) tornadoes, funnel clouds, waterspouts; (c) severe turbulence; (d) severe icing; (e) hail; (f) low-level wind shear; and (g) any other reported weather ...

VFR holding procedure

Aviation; Air traffic control

The holding of aircraft in an orbital path around selected prominent geographical locations that can be easily recognized from the air.

visual flight rules (VFR) aircraft

Aviation; Air traffic control

An aircraft operated in accordance with visual flight rules (VFR).

visual flight rules (VFR) control service

Aviation; Air traffic control

A service provided by ATC units including: (a) tower control; and (b) ground control.

very high frequency (VHF) direction-finding service

Aviation; Air traffic control

A service by which directional assistance is provided to VFR aircraft, as described in the "Communications" (COM) and "Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services" (RAC) sections of ...

very high frequency (VHF) omnidirectional range station

Aviation; Air traffic control

A ground-based electronic NAVAID that transmits very high frequency navigation signals 360° in azimuth.