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Dealing with vehicles or machines used in flight or propulsion through the air.

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acceleration lag

Aviation; Jet engines

In the turbine engine, delay between the time instant power is requested and when power is available. The time it takes the engine to accelerate and give the required power ...

aerodynamic drag

Aviation; Jet engines

Force which thrust must overcome to move an aircraft forward. Design can lesson aerodynamic drag through streamlining. Drag increases with increased speed.

airbleed actuator

Aviation; Jet engines

Device that operates the interstage bleed system, to improve compressor acceleration characteristics by unloading small amounts of compressed air.

air density

Aviation; Jet engines

Total mass of air per given volume, the weight of a given volume of air. Air is denser at lower altitude, at lower temperature, and lower humidity.

airfoil profile

Aviation; Jet engines

Outline of an airfoil section.

airfoil section

Aviation; Jet engines

Cross section of an airfoil parallel to a specific reference plane.

air-fuel ratio

Aviation; Jet engines

Ideal mixture of 15 parts of air to 1 part of fuel by weight; the mixture to be burned in the combustion chamber.