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A natural science concerned with the study of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena, especially in relation to their origin, growth, reproduction, structure, behaviour and evolution.

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Biology; Mycology

The breaking down of larger chemical compounds into simpler substances when no oxygen is present.


Biology; Mycology

A living thing or cell that serves as a home or a source of food for another living thing.


Biology; Mycology

A type of fast growing fungus with a stalk that is topped by a soft cap, often in the shape of an umbrella.


Biology; Mycology

The soft mass of thin tubes that make up the part of a fungus that grows, usually in something else, such as soil or a tree trunk.


Biology; Mycology

The scientific study of fungi, including mushrooms, their structure, systems, and ecological aspects is called mycology.


Biology; Mycology

A kind of fungus that forms a fuzzy coating on the surface of damp or decaying material. Mold can cause food to spoil.


Biology; Mycology

A close relationship between two different kinds of organisms in which one is helped and the other is usually harmed.