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A natural science concerned with the study of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena, especially in relation to their origin, growth, reproduction, structure, behaviour and evolution.

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phenetic system

Biology; Microbiology

A classification system that groups organisms together based on the similarity of their observable charactistics.

compromised host

Biology; Microbiology

A host with lowered resistance to infection and disease for any of several reasons. The host may be seriously debilitated (due to malnutrition, cancer, diabetes, leukemia, or ...

antigen-presenting cells

Biology; Microbiology

Antigen-presenting cells (APCs) are cells that take in protein antigens, process them, and present antigen fragments to B cells and T cells in conjunction with class II MHC ...

protein engineering

Biology; Microbiology

The rational design of proteins by constructing specific amino acid sequences through molecular techniques, with the objective of modifying protein characteristics.


Biology; Microbiology

A colorless substrate that is acted on by an enzyme to produce a colored end product.

lactic acid fermentation

Biology; Microbiology

A fermentation that produces lactic acid as the sole or primary product.


Biology; Microbiology

A noncoding intervening sequence in a split or interrupted gene, which codes for RNA that is missing from the final RNA product.