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Also known as 'Biotech' , it is the use of micro-organisms and biological substances to perform specific industrial or manufacturing procedures.

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Biology; Biochemistry

The body parts of animals which contain calcium as shells, bones and exoskeleton and they protect the animals, are called as calcareous.


Biology; Biochemistry

Humus is a dark material in the soil that is formed from decaying plants and leaves.

red blood cell

Biology; Biochemistry

A blood cell that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide to all body tissues is called as red blood cell.


Biology; Biochemistry

Anything that has gone bad; smelly; decayed; evil; unpleasant which is likely to break due to rot is called as rotten.


Biology; Biochemistry

Needing or using oxygen to live.Living things that can exist only in environments that contain oxygen are aerobic.


Biology; Biochemistry

One of the hormones that controls the physical development in males. Testosterone is an androgen.


Biology; Biochemistry

The fluid that circulates through the body of humans and other vertebrates and is pumped by the heart.