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Broadcasting & receiving

To send out or communicate information, especially by radio or television, for public or general use.

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Broadcasting & receiving > TV equipment

reciver box

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A cable TV receiver box, sometimes referred to as a tuner, is an electronic device connecting the TV and the actual cable company cable that enables a TV to receive and decode ...

digital video recorder (DVR)

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A digital video recorder, commonly referred to as a DVR, typically is a stand-alone unit that records video in digital format to be played back at a later date. It functions ...

coaxial cable

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

Coaxial cable, also known as coax, is the cable wire most commonly used by the cable TV industry. It has a wire in the center surrounded by insulation and a grounded shield of ...

high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

High definition multimedia interface, more commonly referred to as HDMI, is the wave of the component-to-component TV cabling future. HDMI cables offer superior audio and video ...


Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A splitter, as its name implies, splits the cable TV signal to route it to two, four or more destinations from one primary source. 


Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A cable TV amplifier is often used if the cable signal is being split among four or more devices within a given location. The amplifier helps boost the signal and minimize any ...

infrared (IR) receiver 

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

An IR receiver's primary function is to receive the infrared signals sent out by remote controls, and transform them into electrical signals. IR receivers are available in many ...