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Building materials

Any material used for or during the construction of buildings.

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abrasion resistance

Building materials; Tiles

Ability of a surface to resist being worn away by rubbing and friction.


Building materials; Tiles

The relationship of the weight of the water absorbed be a ceramic specimen subjected to prescribed immersion procedure, to the weight of the dry specimen, expressed in percent.

wood float

Building materials; Tiles

The wood float is sometimes used in place of the flat trowel for floating mortar. It is good for smoothing small irregularities left on the mortar bed, working the surface of the ...

wall tile

Building materials; Tiles

A glazed tile with a body that is suitable for interior use and which is usually non-vitreous, and is not required nor expected to withstand excessive impact.

waterproof membrane

Building materials; Tiles

A membrane, usually made of built-up roofing, to provide a positive waterproof floor over the substrate, which is to receive a tile installation using a wire reinforced mortar ...


Building materials; Tiles

Opening at the base of a shower drain to collect moisture collected above membrane and dispense it into drain.

wet area

Building materials; Tiles

Interior or exterior tiled areas subject to periodic or constant wetting. Examples: showers, sunken tubs, pools, exterior walls, roofs, exterior paving and interior floors.