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horizontal scaling

Internet; Big data

A data processing approach that handles large volumes of data operations by employing clusters of comparatively low-specification servers. To handle more data, it's as easy as ...


Internet; Big data

CouchDB is a document-oriented database application with a JavaScript interface. It's designed for businesses with fairly large data sets who require a system that's low ...


Internet; Big data

Any database that's spread across multiple machines needs some scheme to decide which machines should store a given piece of data. A sharding system makes such a decision by using ...


Internet; Big data

Mongo, whose name comes from "humongous", is a database application aimed at businesses with fairly large data sets who require a system that's low maintenance and easy to work ...


Internet; Big data

MapReduce is an algorithm design pattern that originated in the functional programming world. In this design, a mapper function or script scans the input data and outputs a series ...

vertical scaling

Internet; Big data

A traditional database architectures designed to run well on a single machine, and the simplest way to handle larger volumes of operations is to upgrade the machine with a faster ...


Internet; Big data

Originally developed as an internal Facebook project, Cassandra has become the standard distributed database since it was released as an open sourced application. Cassandra offers ...