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central processing unit

Computer; Desktop PC

Central Processing Unit is the core of a computer; necessary for computing performance.

Active matrix

Computer; Laptops

Provides high quality color resolution and sharp images by electronically storing and controlling each independent pixel. The output of active matrix is quicker and more precise ...

Bottom base

Computer; Laptops

One part of a laptop's supporting hardware. The bottom base is located in the bottom tray of a laptop and connects to the top tray to prevent movement or sliding.


Computer; Laptops

The part of the laptop that allows movement of the screen to be able to adjust degree of angle in accordance to viewpoint.

Viewing angle

Computer; Laptops

Encompasses all the angles that a display screen can be seen from.

Response time

Computer; Laptops

The amount of time it takes after a command is given or input is entered for a response to occur.

Power consumption

Computer; Laptops

Measures how much power an electronic device uses