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Computer; USB devices

A USB device, also called an USB peripheral. USB peripherals are "downstream" from the host, and use the USB B-connector.


Computer; USB devices

The USB 2.0 Specification defines three speeds: 1. Low speed is 1.5Mbps, used mostly by keyboards and mice. 2. Full speed is 12Mbps. 3. High speed is 480Mbps.


Computer; USB devices

The source or sink of data inside an USB peripheral device; it is an addressable FIFO. An USB peripheral has a unique address and can contain up to sixteen endpoints. The host ...


Computer; USB devices

Ophelia is a thumb-sized computer from Dell that looks like a USB stick and can be plugged into any HDMI or MHL port, transforming the screen into a gaming device or a computer. ...

use with extreme caution (UEC)

Computer; USB devices

UEC is a nickname that the ubiquitous USB (or universal serial bus) drive has acquired in recent years due to its security vulnerability. USB drives are designed to be versatile ...