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Consumer electronics

A broad field of electronics that are purchased for casual use or entertainment rather than for professional use; such as TVs, VCRS, DVD players,mp3 players, hi fi stereos, games consoles as well as Internet appliances.

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sony internet tv

Consumer electronics; Television

The first TV to use the Google platform, the Sony Internet TV allows users to watch TV and surf the web at the same time.

Sony Internet TV

Consumer electronics; Television

The world’s first TV using the Google platform, this TV allows users to watch TV while searching the internet on the same screen.

bandpass filter

Consumer electronics; Television

A device that passes a range of frequencies while blocking frequencies outside that range.


Consumer electronics; Television

A term used to denote the ability to adjust the lens angle of view to change the perceived distance to the subject matter.


Consumer electronics; Television

A directional antenna commonly composed of a dipole, a parasitic reflector, and one or more parasitic directors.

white clipper

Consumer electronics; Television

A video circuit designed to prevent excessive video levels from generating interference on the audio portion of the television signal.


Consumer electronics; Television

Inversely proportional to its frequency, it is the distance traveled by a sinusoidal wave when it completes one complete cycle.