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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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Culture; General culture

An anthropological study that systematically compares similar cultures. An example of an ethnological study would be a comparison of what cultures are like in societies that have ...

future shock

Culture; General culture

The kind of culture shock that can be experienced by members of a society who are undergoing too rapid of culture change, usually as a result of diffusion of traits from other ...


Culture; General culture

Sexual identity as male or female.


Culture; General culture

The view that the people and nations of the world should become more economically and politically integrated and unified. Those who advocate globalism generally believe that ...

ideal behavior

Culture; General culture

What people believe that they should do in their lives rather than what they think they are doing or what they actually are doing. In most societies there is a discrepancy ...


Culture; General culture

Someone who is not only knowledgeable about his or her own culture but who is able and willing to communicate this knowledge in an understandable way to an anthropologist or some ...

judgment sample

Culture; General culture

A probability sample that includes only a limited number of key people selected by an anthropologist to be his or her informants based on the likelihood that they possess ...