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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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Culture; American culture

Americans love chocolate. They eat almost twelve pounds per person each year in products made using cocoa, baking chocolate, milk chocolate, and sweet and semi-sweet chocolate, ...


Culture; American culture

Americans take their humor seriously. Although vaudeville, film and radio had embraced comedy as a sure-fire way to attract an audience, the postSecond World War comedian often ...

clubs/fraternal organizations

Culture; American culture

Americans, despite their individualism, are often described as a nation of “joiners.” For many organizations, this produces a relatively passive pool of members who offer economic ...


Culture; American culture

Among American resources, those lying underground—oil and gas as well as minerals and water—have been critical elements in the economic and social transformation of the landscape. ...

convict labor

Culture; American culture

Among the concerns of those demanding harsher punishments throughout American history has been the demand for labor as recompense or reeducation for those imprisoned. Convict ...


Culture; American culture

Among the most discussed immigrants of the postwar period are those many believe have never actually arrived—aliens from other worlds. For many these stories are the stuff of ...


Culture; American culture

Among the most pervasive “vehicles” of cultural change in twenty-first-century America is the gasoline-driven, individualized surface road transportation shell first massmarketed ...