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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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de rigeur

Culture; People

Required by etiquette or current fashion; socially obligatory. For example, the term ‘costume de rigueur’ refers to a strict dress code for the attire worn at a special event or ...

there's no accounting for taste

Culture; People

A saying used to say how difficult it is to understand why sb likes sb/sth that you do not like at all.

human being

Culture; People

A person. Any member of family Hominidae, often characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech and erect carriage.


Culture; People

To emit tears from the tear ducts in the eyes. Crying is generally caused by extreme emotions, either sadness or happiness.

communicative competence

Culture; People

A speaker’s knowledge of the total set of rules, conventions, etc. Governing the skilled use of language in a society. Distinguished by D. Hymes in the late 1960s from Chomsley’s ...

gender difference

Culture; People

A difference in a speech between men and women is ”gender difference”.

linguistic determinism

Culture; People

One of the two points in Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, i.e. language determines thought.