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The social heritage and customs of an organized community,society or ethnic group.

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Culture; People

To tarnish someone’s reputation.


Culture; People

People who are so talkative, in way they appear to be informing others that their mouth is for rent.

lunatic fringe

Culture; People

These are members of a social or religious group who hold fanatical or extreme opinions compared to other members.


Culture; People

To meander or ramble about.


Culture; People

To search vigorously for plunder.


Culture; People

Sapeurs are elaborate dressers part of the Congolese subculture devoted to the cult of style. Sapeurs seek out the highest names in fashion in the world, including favorites ...


Culture; People

It consists of musics, oral history, legends, popular beliefs that are tradition of one culture. The study of it is called folkloristic. It can e divided into four areas: ...