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Earth science

Any of several geological sciences that are concerned with the earth, its origins, and all of its various structures and physical forms and phenomena.

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Earth science; Oceanography

A layer of minerals laid down by flowing water. People who pan for gold search through placers.


Earth science; Oceanography

An underwater ridge of rock that rises up to or near the surface. Reefs are important ecosystems that provide home for sea life.


Earth science; Oceanography

A scenic view of a body of water; an area having a natural or constructed aquatic feature (as a pond or fountain).

equatorial rossby wave

Earth science; Oceanography

An equatorially trapped westward propagating wave that moves due to isentropic gradients of potential vorticity. The meridional velocity of the n'th mode of these waves has the ...

blackbody radiator

Earth science; Oceanography

A hypothetical, ideal radiator that totally absorbs and reemits all energy incident upon it. Actual objects only approach this ideal.

shear instability

Earth science; Oceanography

An instability of an unbounded parallel shear flow to the growth and nonlinear development of waves with phase speed in the along flow direction approximately equal to the speed ...


Earth science; Oceanography

1. Developed by Gustav Mie in 1908, this is a complete mathematical-physical theory of the scattering of electromagnetic radiation by spherical particles. In contrast to ...