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Earth science

Any of several geological sciences that are concerned with the earth, its origins, and all of its various structures and physical forms and phenomena.

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Earth science; Soil science

Swamp is an area which is flooded or drenched with water and related to plunge or cause to sink.


Earth science; Soil science

Fairly dry because of low rainfall. Semiarid regions, such as a prairie, usually have enough water for grasses and some bushes to grow.


Earth science; Soil science

A sloping pile of small pieces of rock that is at the base of a cliff is called talus.


Earth science; Soil science

Small grains or particles of broken down rock. Silt particles are smaller than grains of sand but larger than the particles in clay.


Earth science; Soil science

A very soft, white or green mineral found in igneous and metamorphic rocks is called talc.


Earth science; Soil science

A general term for rock, especially as used in construction. A hard clump of minerals that forms in a part of body.


Earth science; Soil science

The loose top layer of the Earth's surface. Soil is made of broken down pieces of rocks.