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Pertaining to the system or range of economic activity in a country, region, or community.

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Economy; International economics

BRICS is an international political organisation of leading emerging economies. Its five members are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (prior to South Africa’s ...

circular economy

Economy; International economics

New development strategy, new economic development pattern, aiming at maximizing resource efficiency as well as minimizing waste discharge, and realizing sustainable economic and ...


Economy; International economics

Wenzhou is a mid-size coastal city in China's eastern province Zhejiang. The name Wenzhou became viral in Wall Street and international business circles in April 2012 after the ...

François Hollande

Economy; International economics

François Hollande (born 12 August 1954) is a French politician who defeated Nicolas Sarkozy to become the 24th president of France on May 6, 2012. Prior to winning the presidency, ...

quantitative easing round 3 (QE3)

Economy; International economics

The U.S. Federal Reserve's 3rd round of stimulus aimed at shoring up the country's economy since the 2007 world financial crisis. It's designed to inject a large amount of extra ...


Economy; International economics

To rebuild Greece economy some European economists recommend to launch a new currency for Greece. They call it Geuro.

low wage trap

Economy; International economics

A term that describes the situation in which the average worker in a labor market increases his/her work effort which leads only to little or even no increase in take home income. ...