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Electrical equipment

Any equipment that involves the controlled conduction of electrons.

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circuit board

Electrical equipment; Batteries

A flat piece of material that has circuit, chip, and other electric parts that are essential to the working of a computer.


Electrical equipment; Batteries

To let heat, electricity, or sound go through. Copper conducts electricity well. Most metals conduct heat well.


Electrical equipment; Batteries

A battery or cell for storing energy or power; a rechargeable battery or cell.

aqueous batteries

Electrical equipment; Batteries

Batteries with water-based electrolytes. The electrolyte may not appear to be liquid since it can be absorbed by the battery’s separator.

water battery

Electrical equipment; Batteries

Samsung's new technology that allows a battery to be recharged by using a water faucet. Its new micro-fuel cell and hydrogen generator can repower small electronic devices, such ...

cellphone super capacitor

Electrical equipment; Batteries

A tiny capacitor that can fit inside a cell phone battery and enable ultra-fast electricity transfer and storage through nano-chemistry, delivering a full charge in 20-30 seconds ...