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Anything related to the production or supply of energy in any form.

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drilling mud

Energy; Petrol

Mixture of base substance and additives used to lubricate drill bit and to counter act natural pressure in formation. Drilling mud provides circulation, flushing rock cuttings ...


Energy; Petrol

Exploration well drilled in an unproven area. The term wildcatter comes from West Texas, where in early 1920s drilling crews encountered many wildcats as they cleared locations ...

tertiary recovery

Energy; Petrol

Recovery of hydrocarbons from a reservoir by sophisticated methods, for example, heating reservoir or enlarging pore spaces using chemicals.

exploration expenditure

Energy; Petrol

All costs, including premium payments, associated with acquisition of new acreage, drilling of exploratory wells and other costs incurred in evaluating commercial viability of ...

british national oil corporation (bnoc)

Energy; Petrol

The state-owned corporation set up by the UK Government to manage the country's participation in the UK sector of the continental shelf.

conversion oil

Energy; Petrol

Feedstock used in the manufacture of carbon black.

ethanol 95 (E95)

Energy (non-renewable); Coal

A fuel containing a mixture of 95 percent ethanol and 5 percent gasoline