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Anything related to the production or supply of energy in any form.

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volume of dam

Energy; Hydro dam

The total space occupied by the materials forming the dam structure computed between abutments and from top to bottom of dam. No deduction is made for small openings such as ...

reservoir surface area

Energy; Hydro dam

The area covered by a reservoir when filled to a specified level.

magnitude, richter or local (ML)

Energy; Hydro dam

The magnitude of an earthquake measured as a common logarithm of the displacement amplitude, in microns, of a standard Wood-Anderson seismograph located on firm ground 100 km from ...

dam safety

Energy; Hydro dam

Dam safety is the art and science of ensuring the integrity and viability of dams such that they do not present unacceptable risks to the public, property, and the environment. It ...

diversion dam

Energy; Hydro dam

A dam built to divert water from a waterway or stream into a different watercourse.

rock bolt

Energy; Hydro dam

A tensioned reinforcement element consisting of a steel rod, a mechanical or grouted anchorage, and a plate and nut for tensioning or for retaining tension applied by direct pull ...

cutoff trench

Energy; Hydro dam

A foundation excavation later to be filled with impervious material so as to limit seepage beneath a dam.