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The discipline, art, skill and profession of applying scientific knowledge and principles to the design and manufacturing of machines, structures, devices, systems, materials and processes.

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Engineering > Civil engineering


Engineering; Civil engineering

A pipe fitted with a driving point and a fine mesh screen used to remove underground water. A complete set of equipment for drying up ground including wellpoints, connecting pipe ...

public relations officer

Engineering; Civil engineering

The person on the emergency management team who is in charge of public information affairs. The public information officer is the counterpart to the dam operating organization's ...


Engineering; Civil engineering

Refers to subdividing a failure mode into discrete elements or sequential events so that the failure mode could be better understood, and probabilities can be more reasonably ...

water balance mode

Engineering; Civil engineering

An analytical tool whereby the sum of the system inflows equals the sum of the system outflows. A summation of inputs, outputs, and net changes to a particular water resource ...

transmission line

Engineering; Civil engineering

Facility for transmitting electrical energy at high voltage from one point to another point. Transmission line voltages are normally 115 kilovolt or larger. See distribution line.

zone of aeration

Engineering; Civil engineering

The comparatively dry soil or rock located between the ground surface and the top of the water table. The zone of aeration is not saturated with water because its pores are filled ...


Engineering; Civil engineering

Unit of work equal to the force in pounds multiplied by the distance in feet through which it acts. When a 1 pound force is exerted through a 1 foot distance, 1 foot pound of work ...