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The discipline, art, skill and profession of applying scientific knowledge and principles to the design and manufacturing of machines, structures, devices, systems, materials and processes.

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project-use energy

Engineering; Civil engineering

This is intended to cover primarily power and energy used for project operations such as pumping or other miscellaneous uses. In some instances it also includes power and energy ...

fatal flaw

Engineering; Civil engineering

Any problem, lack, or conflict (real or perceived) that will destroy a solution or process. A negative effect that cannot be offset by any degree of benefits from other factors.


Engineering; Civil engineering

Recreational opportunities at more than 1,900 federal recreation sites managed by the Bureau of Reclamation and other federal agencies can be found at the interagency ...

crest width

Engineering; Civil engineering

The thickness or width of a dam at the level of the top of dam (excluding corbels or parapets). In general, the term thickness is used for gravity and arch dams, and width is used ...

ring seal gate

Engineering; Civil engineering

Similar to a paradox gate, however sealing is by a moveable seal, which is extended by water pressure when the gate is closed. The roller chain is usually shorter and does not ...

public information officer

Engineering; Civil engineering

The person on the emergency management team who is in charge of public information affairs. The public information officer is the counterpart to the dam operating organization's ...


Engineering; Civil engineering

A term describing a climate or region in which precipitation is so deficient in quantity or occurs so infrequently that intensive agricultural production is not possible without ...