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The discipline, art, skill and profession of applying scientific knowledge and principles to the design and manufacturing of machines, structures, devices, systems, materials and processes.

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Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A hollow grind is a type of bevel that can be allied to a knife, like FFG or convex. The cross section of the knife would show two concave parabola that meet at a point (on the ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A back fuller is similar to a swedge, in the fact that it is made from reshaped or removed material on the spine of the knife, however a back-fuller usually covers the majority of ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A swedge is a part of some knifepoint constructions where the spine of the knife is tapered into the point and, in some circumstances, sharpened. The start of the swedge's taper ...

convex grind

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A convex grind is the opposite to the hollow grind, the knife's cross section showing a slight convex bow to the bevel. Just as the hollow grind, the convex grind is also not ...

flat grind

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The flat grind, as explained partially under FFG, is the mid-point between the convex and hollow grinds, the bevel's cross section being a straight line from the flat of the blade ...

secondary bevel

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The secondary bevel is the bevel from which the cutting edge is formed. It is usually a very small bevel that joins the endpoints of the primary bevel on both sides to a point. A ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Automatic is a designation of knives that have spring-loaded blades and a button-release locking mechanisms to retain the knife blade. The engagement of the knife is therefore ...