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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Circus

A circus apparatus, which is used frequently in aerial acts; the name of relevant circus genre. Immobile trapeze is a small round cross-beam with iron rods secured in its both ...


Entertainment; Circus

This is a professional term of street performers to designate the collecting of money by performers with a plate or hat in their hands from spectators just before the performance.


Entertainment; Circus

A short bed, steeply ascending up in its one side and placed onto the ring surface with its other side. An antipodist, lying there on his back and shoulders and leaning against ...

twenty-four hour man

Entertainment; Circus

A circus employee who plans the route to the next town, marks the route with arrows, and determines where the circus will be set up on the lot.


Entertainment; Circus

Ring workers who install and replace the circus props, prepare circus apparatuses and ring for circus acts. Uniformists are usually in two rows along the sides of vorgang during ...


Entertainment; Circus

Originally performed by beginners to open the circus show. It was an act where riders, standing on the backs of horses, struck various poses, jumped from horses and across ...


Entertainment; Circus

Curtain isolating the ring from internal engineering premises of the circus.