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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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speed bump

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A small hill placed in a location where it will be taken at a high speed and will produce negative g-forces or airtime lifting the riders out of their seats.


Entertainment; Amusement parks

A situation where the train stops outside the station for whatever reason.

speed run

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A series of speed bumps in a row. Speed runs are commonly found on out and back wooden coasters and hypercoasters on the section of track after the turnaround that leads back to ...

camel back

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A series of hills on a steel or wooden roller coaster where each preceding one is slightly smaller. Camel backs produce negative G's or "air time".

brake run

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A section of track usually before the loading station where brakes are installed to bring the incoming trains to a complete stop. Brake runs may also be installed midway through ...

transfer track

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A section of track used to move a roller coaster car or train off the main circuit and onto a separate section of track. The transfer track usually connects to the car barn or a ...

inverted roller coaster

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A roller coaster with trains suspended beneath the track above. The first Inverted Roller Coaster was Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great America (1992) and designed by Bolliger ...