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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Amusement parks

A marketing term used by Cedar Point and manufacturer Intamin to describe a roller coaster that stands more than 300 feet tall. Millennium Force a 310-foot tall, 92 mph ...

lim or linear induction motor

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A magnetic motor commonly used to launch a roller coaster train along or up a section of steel track. LSM or Linear Synchronous Motors are the same idea, but the technology used ...

tire drive lift hill

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A lift hill that uses tires to pinch the steel fin on the undercarriage of a car or train to drive the vehicle up the hill. Tire drive lifts may also use tires that just come in ...

compressed air launch

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A launch using the forced of compressed air being uncompressed like a hydraulic mechanism.

hydraulic launch

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A launch that makes use of compressed hydraulic gas. Usually this is used when there isn’t any force of gravity to help.

double dip

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A hill that has been divided into two separate drops by a flattening out of the drop midway down the hill.

manual brake

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A hand operated brake requiring a human to operate that slows or stops a roller coaster train. Many classic wooden roller coasters have manual brake systems, but in recent years ...