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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Smart playlist

Entertainment; Digital music

In iTunes, a playlist created based on specific criteria, such as artist, genre, song rating, or duration.

Streaming audio

Entertainment; Digital music

Live audio received over the Internet without downloading it. Streaming does not save a copy of the audio on your PC, while downloading a file does. Internet radio stations ...


Entertainment; Digital music

A speaker that produces low-audio frequencies also known as bass.


Entertainment; Digital music

Three-dimensional sound, usually created or amplified by the placement of multiple speakers throughout a room or home theater.


Entertainment; Digital music

To transfer and match music or photos on your PC to your iPod.


Entertainment; Digital music

A protective, self-adhesive iPod wrapper that can be printed on before application. Tattoos can easily be personalized with images of musicians, cool band graphics, or other ...