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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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analog pass-through

Entertainment; TV

Digital converter box capability, which allows analog broadcast signals to pass through the converter box to be tuned by your analog TV.

analog signal

Entertainment; TV

A type of signal that encodes voice, video, or data transmitted over wire or over-the-air that is commonly represented as an oscillating wave. An analog signal may vary in ...

analog spectrum

Entertainment; TV

A traditional range of frequencies used for radio and television transmission. This is a less-efficient and lower-quality system that uses Radio Frequency (RF) waves to transmit ...

analog transition date

Entertainment; TV

In the US, this refers to June 12, 2009, which was the DTV Transition deadline mandated by Congress for the turnoff of analog broadcasting by full-power TV stations. Other ...


Entertainment; TV

Device designed to receive the radio waves broadcast by television stations.

aspect ratio

Entertainment; TV

Screen's width as compared to its height. For example, for 4:3, the traditional TV aspect ratio, a 32-inch TV would be 25½ inches wide and 19 inches tall. A 16:9 widescreen ...


Entertainment; TV

Advanced Television Systems Committee. This is the name of the DTV system used by broadcasters in the U.S.