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Issues related to the circumstances or condition of the earth's natural surroundings.

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Environment > Waste management


Environment; Waste management

'Waste' includes: a. any substance which constitutes a scrap material or an effluent or other unwanted surplus substance arising from the application of any process; and b.any ...

hazardous waste

Environment; Waste management

Poisonous material that is left over from human activity. It can be harmful to health and to the environment.


Environment; Waste management

To collect and reuse materials such as glass, paper, and plastic. Recycling helps protect natural resources.


Environment; Waste management

A modern engineered way to deposit waste into the ground and still protect the environment. As the landfill is built, the base of the cell is lined with a protective layer and ...

disposal fee

Environment; Waste management

A fee charged for the amount of waste disposed of by customers at a landfill. (also see Tipping Fee)


Environment; Waste management

The projected bank cubic yards (BCY) of the landfill to be filled with waste as determined by survey and/or other engineering techniques.


Environment; Waste management

An optional feature of front-load containers. The lockbar allows a customer to lock the container. When the container is emptied, and the container is raised up and over the ...