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Related to the practice of regular exercise to maintain good physical condition and health.

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vichy shower

Fitness; Spa

A rain-like shower that streams down from six jets over and below a body lying on a treatment table. Relaxing and rejuvenating on its own, but most often used in combination with ...

step class / step aerobics

Fitness; Spa

Aerobic sessions performed with a small platform used to step up and down.

structured spa

Fitness; Spa

Spas with a strict set of rules whose entire facility is geared towards the achievement of a particular goal such as weight loss, smoking cessation, or fitness.


Fitness; Spa

A traditional Mayan sweat lodge where the heat helps a body to relax, opens the pores, and helps in the elimination of toxins, body, mind and spirit.

scotch hose massage

Fitness; Spa

A massage received in a standing position performed by a therapist who uses a hose to spray strong jets of water on the body alternating hot and cold water or using sea water.

sports massage

Fitness; Spa

Massage of foundation tissues directed specifically at the muscles used in athletic activities. This is a deep muscle massage often used around the joints. It combines classical ...

tui na

Fitness; Spa

An ancient system of Chinese body work in which the practitioner uses acupressure and massage to balance the body's flow of energy, flush toxins, and treat specific ailments.