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Related to the practice of regular exercise to maintain good physical condition and health.

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Fitness; Yoga

A physical exercise with a squat thrust between standing positions.

kapalbhati pranayama

Fitness; Yoga

A breathing technique aimed at cleaning the frontal part of the brain; also called skull polishing - done through rapid breaths with more force on exhalation.


Fitness; Yoga

Action; the act of doing

karma yoga

Fitness; Yoga

The yoga of action - aims at supreme consciousness through action; discussed in bhagavad gita

karna dhauti

Fitness; Yoga

One of the shatkarma which involves cleansing the ears.

kati chakrasana

Fitness; Yoga

Waist rotating' pose.

kevala kumbhaka

Fitness; Yoga

Spontaneous cessation of breath without any conscious effort.