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An activity engaged in for diversion or amusement; whether electronic games such as those on computers or phones, or simple board games.

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Games; Consoles

3DS is a handheld game console developed by Nintendo as a successor to the popular Nintendo DS series of game players. 3DS uses a special technology called autostereoscopy to ...


Games; Consoles

Stationary body stance that's tracked and interpreted by the sensor as input.


Games; Consoles

A person's physical state as interpreted by the sensor, e.g., standing, sitting, kneeling, and so on.


Games; Consoles

The detection and following of a person's movements by the sensor.


Games; Consoles

The focal point on the screen that mirrors hand movement in the PHIZ. Games may choose their own game-specific terms for pointers.

list play

Games; Consoles

Multiplayer mode used for displaying a list of game sessions. LIVE Silver Membership accounts are limited to list play multiplayer sessions.


Games; Consoles

The process by which the sensor orients itself to the environment.