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The study of families and family history.

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Genealogy > Family ancestry


Genealogy; Family ancestry

A filing system, usually for recording surnames, using one letter followed by three numbers. The Soundex system keeps together names of the same and/or similar sounds, but of ...


Genealogy; Family ancestry

An individual present at an event such as a marriage or the signing of a document who can vouch that the event took place.


Genealogy; Family ancestry

1. Having made no valid will. 2. Not disposed of by will. 3. When an owner of real property has died intestate, title to the property is said to pass by descent to the heirs. See ...


Genealogy; Family ancestry

Collective name for brothers or sisters within a family.


Genealogy; Family ancestry

A numbering system used to identify each individual in a family tree. The formula states that an individual's father is twice that individual's number, and that an individual's ...


Genealogy; Family ancestry

An appointee of the court who settles the estate of a deceased person who died without leaving a will.


Genealogy; Family ancestry

A book listing the names, addresses, occupations etc. , of a specific group of people; types include - city, telephone, county, regional, professional, religious, post office, ...