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The study of physical characteristics of earth and the distribution and effects of life on earth, especially that of humans.

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alternative technology

Geography; Human geography

Technology, intended for ledcs, which is labor-intensive, low-cost and makes use of local renewable resources and skills. The aim is to maintain harmony with the environment.


Geography; Human geography

A periglacial process, involving freeze-thaw weathering and solifluction, that produces step-like features (altiplanation terraces) and flattened hill-tops. Where a slope is ...


Geography; Human geography

A feature of the environment that is perceived as being pleasant and attractive. In current geographical usage, the term tends to be applied to something that has aesthetic, ...

anabatic wind

Geography; Human geography

A local breeze that blows upslope during the day in regions of high relief. When intense solar radiation warms the ground surface (often on the adret side of a valley), the air ...


Geography; Human geography

In the biological sense, organisms living in the absence of free oxygen. An anaerobic soil is thus in an airless state, notably when waterlogged.

analysis of variance

Geography; Human geography

A statistical technique used to test whether a series of samples differs significantly with respect to some defined property. The technique compares within-sample differences with ...


Geography; Human geography

A term sometimes used for a stream in which numerous individual channels are continually separating and rejoining.