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Gifts & crafts; Candles

Any candle that is poured into a container of any type, such as jars, glasses, tins, etc.  Container candles create a large pool of molten wax. Because they "contain" the wax, ...


Gifts & crafts; Candles

Anything added to wax to enhance its performance.


Gifts & crafts; Candles

Thin wax shape applied to outer surface of pillar or taper candles for decoration.

bayberry wax

Gifts & crafts; Candles

Natural wax derived from bayberry bushes. Boiling the berries removes their waxy coating which floats to the top where it can be collected.


Gifts & crafts; Candles

Natural wax derived from honey bee hives.


Gifts & crafts; Candles

A powdery substance that appears on beeswax candles.  Bloom is the result of the oils migrate to the surface of the wax over time.  It can be removed by rubbing with a soft ...

burn rate

Gifts & crafts; Candles

The burn rate is the amount of wax consumed per hour (in grams).  Burn rates are based on testing performed with straight paraffin wax with no other additives.