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History; Egyptian history

Daughter of 17th dynasty pharaoh Seqenenre Tao II by his sister-wife Ahmose-Inhapi. She was probably married to her half-brother Pharaoh Ahmose I. Ahmose-Henuttamehu was a ...


History; Egyptian history

A daughter of Pharaoh Senakhtenre Tao I and was sister to Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao II, and the queens Ahhotep I and Sitdjehuti. She was married to her (half-)brother Seqenenre Tao II ...

Ahmose Nefertari

History; Egyptian history

A daughter of Seqenenre Tao II and Ahhotep I, and royal sister and the wife of pharaoh Ahmose I. Following Ahmose I's death, Ahmose-Nefertari became the regent for her son ...


History; Egyptian history

He was the city administrator and vizier during the reign of Djedkare Isesi. He is credited with authoring "The Instruction of Ptahhotep", which was meant to instruct young men in ...


History; Egyptian history

He served under pharaohs Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III. Ptahmose also held the titles of count and governor, and Sem-priest.


History; Egyptian history

The vizier and son-in-law of king Niuserre. His mastaba complex in Abusir is considered by many to be the most extensive and architecturally unique non-royal tomb of the Old ...

Ptolemy Apion

History; Egyptian history

The last Greek Cyrenaean King (reigned 116 BC – 96 BC) and was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty. He was a son of Pharaoh Ptolemy VIII Physcon of Egypt. When Ptolemy VIII died, ...