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Any day fixed by law, custom or religion on which day-to-day business is suspended for the celebration or commemmoration of some event or public figure.

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Holiday > Secular celebrations

Sip and See

Holiday; Secular celebrations

A type of baby shower where parents invite friends and family over to 'see' the newborn while 'sipping' on a drink, generally tea, coffee, or punch. Small snacks can also be ...


Holiday; Secular celebrations

The day marking an individual's birth, sometimes celebrated with a birthday party, gifts, and cake.

Valentine's Day

Holiday; Secular celebrations

The annual day for celebrating romantic love between parties, often involving the exchange of flowers, chocolates and greeting cards on Feb 14th. The celebration has been observed ...

Mother's Day

Holiday; Secular celebrations

Mother's Day is celebrated in a number of countries all over the world. Although a majority of places worldwide celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May, the date ...