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Human rights

Fundamental and universal rights and freedoms to which all human beings are entitled. They consist of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights that States are obliged to fully respect according to common standards ratified by national and international legislation.

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social inclusion

Law enforcement; Human Trafficking

This refers to the process that ensures that those at risk of poverty and social exclusion have the opportunities and resources necessary to participate in economic and social ...

state party or states parties

Law enforcement; Human Trafficking

States which have ratified a particular convention or treaty, such as the Council of Europe Convention.

third country

Law enforcement; Human Trafficking

Reference to any country outside the European Union. The term ‘third country nationals’ applies to people who come from a country outside the EU into an EU Member State.

trafficked child

Law enforcement; Human Trafficking

Any person under eighteen who is recruited, transported, transferred, harboured or received for the purpose of exploitation, either within or outside a country, even if no element ...

trafficked person

Law enforcement; Human Trafficking

The term “trafficked person” is used as a general term, referring to those who have been trafficked and are entitled to assistance and protection on the very basis of that fact, ...


Law enforcement; Human Trafficking

A person who is involved in recruiting or moving a child or adult with the intention to expose them to exploitation. A ‘trafficker’ is distinguished from a ‘smuggler’ or other ...

trafficking in human beings

Law enforcement; Human Trafficking

Article 4.a of the Council of Europe Convention states: “‘Trafficking in human beings’ shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by ...