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fishing rod

Hunting & fishing; Nets

A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a tool used to catch fish. A length of fishing line is attached to a long, flexible rod or pole: one end terminates in a hook for catching the ...

fishing net

Hunting & fishing; Nets

A fishing net or fishnet is a net that is used for fishing. Fishing nets are meshes usually formed by knotting a relatively thin thread. Modern nets are usually made of artificial ...

cast net

Hunting & fishing; Nets

Cast nets are small round nets with weights on the edges which is thrown by the fisher. Sizes vary up to about four metres in diameter. The net is thrown by hand in such a manner ...

Chinese nets

Hunting & fishing; Nets

The Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) are used at Kochi in India. They are an example of shore operated lift nets because they are held horizontally by a large fixed structure ...


Hunting & fishing; Nets

This is a general term which can be applied to any net which is dragged or hauled across a river or along the bottom of a lake or sea.

drift net

Hunting & fishing; Nets

The drift net is a net that is not anchored. It is usually a gillnet, and is commonly used in the coastal waters of many countries. Its use on the high seas is prohibited, but ...

drive-in net

Hunting & fishing; Nets

A drive-in net is another fixed net, used by small-scale fishermen in some fisheries in Japan and South Asia, particularly in the Philippines. It is used to catch schooling forage ...