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split body

Industrial valves; Control valves

A valve whose body is split. This design allows for easy plug and seat removal. Split-bodied valves are made in both the straight-through and angle versions. The Masoneilan 2600 ...

rotary valve

Industrial valves; Control valves

A valve style in which the flow closure member is rotated in the flow stream to modify the amount of fluid passing through the valve.


Industrial valves; Control valves

A property of metals that is discussed frequently when speaking of various component parts used in valve construction, particularly valve trim. There are two hardness scales which ...


Industrial valves; Control valves

Is the distance between the face of the inlet opening and the face of the outlet opening of a valve or fitting. These dimensions are governed by ANSI/ISA specifications. The ...


Industrial valves; Control valves

Differential Pressure. The inlet pressure (Pl) minus the outlet pressure (P2). ''Example'' P1 = 100 psig P2 = 25 psig. ___________ Delta-P = 75

choked flow

Industrial valves; Control valves

This condition exists when at a fixed upstream pressure the flow cannot be further increased by lowering the downstream pressure. This condition can occur in gas, steam, or liquid ...

globe valve

Industrial valves; Control valves

A valve with a linear motion, push-pull stem, whose one or more ports and body are distinguished by a globular shaped cavity around the port region. This type of valve is ...