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The body of persons, or the human physical and mental effort, engaged in the production of goods and services.

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Labor; Labor relations

A nickname for members of the workingmen's associations in the 1820s and '30s.

yellow dog contract

Labor; Labor relations

A contract a worker was compelled to sign stating that he or she would not join a union. The practice was outlawed in 1932 by the passage of the Norris LaCuardia Act.


Labor; Labor relations

A nickname for members of the Industrial Workers of the World. The origin of the word is unknown.

white collar workers

Labor; Labor relations

Workers who have office jobs rather than factory, farm, or construction work.

walking delegate

Labor; Labor relations

A unionist who policed jobs to see that workers were getting fair treatment.

unfair labor practices

Labor; Labor relations

Defined by the National Labor Relations Act and by the Taft Hartley Act as practices of discrimination, coercion, and intimidation prohibited to labor and management. Management ...

union shop

Labor; Labor relations

A shop where every member; of the bargaining unit must become a member of the union after a specified amount of time.