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Of of pertaining to any method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way, whether united in a system specific to a country or region.

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technical-scientific fields

Language; Terminology

An area or division of an activity related with science or other specific professions.

general public

Language; Terminology

Generally denotes a mass population of people that comprise a broad, widespread and/or conventional matter of common interest. Terminology directed to the general public is ...


Language; Terminology

A third participant in the communication process that intermediates between people that do not use the same language to communicate, such as an expert that uses specialized ...

migrant/foreign population

Language; Terminology

A group of people from another country that bring languages and cultures to a host country.

medical expressions

Language; Terminology

A particular word or phrase that is commonly used in a medicine environment and would be usually understood only in this environment.

specific terminology

Language; Terminology

Concrete vocabulary of technical terms used in a particular field, subject, science, or art; nomenclature.

international standard

Language; Terminology

A required or agreed level of quality or attainment that is available for consideration and use worldwide.