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Law enforcement

The collective name for the efforts of enforcing and ensuring observance, obedience to the law.

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underwear bomb

Law enforcement; Terrorism

An improvised explosive device built by sewing explosives inside the underwear fabrics. It is designed to evade airport metal detectors as it doesn't contain any metal components. ...

bee eater

Law enforcement; Terrorism

The bee eaters are any of the various brightly colored birds that are found chiefly in Africa, Asia, southern Europe, Australia, and New Guinea. The bee eaters are so named ...

Mexican drug war

Law enforcement; Terrorism

Forty-nine headless and limbless bodies were found on May 13, 2012 on a northern Mexico highway near the Texan border. The bodies were killings in conjunction with the escalating ...

toxin agent

Law enforcement; Terrorism

Contrasting with inorganic poisons, a toxin agent is a poison formed as a specific secretion product in the metabolism of a vegetable or animal organism. Toxin agent poisons can ...

Let's roll!

Law; Terrorism

"Are you guys ready? OK. Let's roll!" was the last thing said by Todd Beamer, one of the passengers who fought hijackers aboard Flight 93, before the plane crashed near ...

choking agents

Military; Terrorism

Substances that cause physical injury to the lungs. Exposure is through inhalation. In extreme cases, membranes swell and lungs become filled with liquid. Death results from lack ...

Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (DFTO)

Military; Terrorism

A political designation determined by the U.S. Department of State. Members listed as a DFTO are subject to legal penalties such as being restricted to travel into the U.S., and ...