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Of or pertaining to the art of writing in any form or style, most especially published works.

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Practice Wars

Literature; Fiction

Military exercises undertaken every three Veran years by the Guardians, using medium-tech weapons and often including space-based actions. The Practice Wars last for half a year ...

preserves; preserved areas

Literature; Fiction

Areas within Veran not chartered for human habitation. Roads may run through them, and limited hunting/gathering activities permitted by the Chancels, but no agriculture, ...


Literature; Fiction

A large House Minor in Gallyvaran Pass, on the west side of the Pass among the broad, rolling foothills north of the Traaki Citadel.

Ra'anir Valley

Literature; Fiction

A valley in the Lake District, famous for its high-quality shal crop.


Literature; Fiction

Quasi-military force charged with policing Chancel dictates under the Great Charter, but ultimately responsible to the Lady of Veran. Primary duties include "ranging" the ...

Red Cliffs

Literature; Fiction

A region in the southwest of the northern continent that abuts the south end of the Sunset Mountains, heavily settled, home to an important House Minor of the Drymarch, a Chancel, ...


Literature; Fiction

An yrvan of the lower northern Vallars, preferred forage for a number of omnivorous chindi of the region. It reproduces by flinging off the nodules of the mature plant form, which ...