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Of or pertaining to the art of writing in any form or style, most especially published works.

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Henry IV (Part 2)

Literature; Shakespeare

There is much confusion when the fighting is over but the royalists defeat the rebels. More fighting ensues and once again Sir John Falstaff appears in the plot encouraging Prince ...

King John

Literature; Shakespeare

Nearly all of the conflicts in the play result from unresolved disputes involving family members. The consequences of these disputes often result in murder. John is the weak son ...

Richard III

Literature; Shakespeare

The play is dominated by Richard the hunchback Duke of Gloucester who becomes King Richard III but only through a series of horrible acts, killing off his enemies, his kinsmen, ...

Henry VI (Part 2)

Literature; Shakespeare

The boy King Henry returns from his victory in France with his new bride, the ambitious and domineering, Margaret of Anjou. The devious Suffolk has arranged the marriage, to the ...

Anthony and Cleopatra

Literature; Shakespeare

The play tells of the scandalous affair between the Roman general Antony and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Their blind passion which leads to their ultimate downfall and deaths. ...


Literature; Shakespeare

The last of Shakespeare's great political tragedies, chronicling the life of the mighty warrior Caius Marcius Coriolanus. It covers many issues including pride of coming before a ...


Literature; Shakespeare

Prince Hamlet mourns both his father's death and his mother, Queen Gertrude's remarriage to Claudius. The ghost of Hamlet's father appears to him and tells him that Claudius has ...