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Activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers, involving advertising and other promotional techniques.

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money authority need (MAN)

Marketing; Advertising

M.A.N. or MAN is an acronym used in selling for qualifying new prospects. It stands for money, authority and need. Does the prospect have the Money to pay? (M) Does the prospect ...

volume segmentation

Marketing; Advertising

The division of a market into segments on the basis of the varying volume of demand for the product by individuals, groups or types of customers; typically, the segments are ...

volume analysis

Marketing; Advertising

A technique or method of marketing control in which sales volume in dollars or units or physical volume in units is measured over a given period in an attempt to identify ...


Marketing; Advertising

A voice over is a commentary heard on a TV advertisement, but spoken by an off-screen announcer.

face-to-face selling

Marketing; Advertising

Selling situations in which salesperson and buyer meet together ,rather than use telephone or mail, to conduct their business.

sales force mix

Marketing; Advertising

The mix of individual territory representatives, national account sales teams, telemarketers, etc in a firm's total salesforce.

corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Marketing; Advertising

A concept whereby companies integrate economic, social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary ...