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Medical devices

Any instrument, appliance or machine that facilitates the prevention,diagnosis and treatment of illness, physical or mental injury, by a medical professional.

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asherman's syndrome

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A condition where the uterine walls adhere to one another. Usually caused by uterine inflammation.

assisted reproductive technology

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

Several procedures employed to bring about conception without sexual intercourse, including IUI, GIFT and ZIFT.

autoimmune disorders

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

When a person has an autoimmune disorder, immune cells mistakenly attack the body’s own cells. Examples of autoimmune disorders are lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Grave’s ...


Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

Semen containing no sperm, either because the testicles cannot make sperm or because of blockage in the reproductive tract.

bacterial vaginosis infection

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

A vaginal infection that causes a burning sensation and a gray, malodorous discharge. May interfere with fertility.

basal body temperature

Medical devices; OBGYN equipment

The body reaches a basal metabolic temperature early in the morning when we are at rest. Charting this temperature variation helps determine when ovulation occurs. The basal body ...