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Napalm Girl

Military; Peace keeping

Napalm Girl is the famous girl depicted in the Vietnam Era photograph by Associated Press photographer Huynh Cong "Nick" Ut, depicting a naked Vietnamese girl running naked after ...

marching-in survey

Military; Peace keeping

Physical verification of all contingent owned stores, equipment and vehicles and UN owned accountable items when a member nation's contingent enters the mission area; the actual ...

psychological operations (PSYOPS)

Military; Peace keeping

Planned psychological operations activities in peace and war directed to enemy, friendly, and neutral audiences in order to influence attitudes and behavior affecting the ...


Military; Peace keeping

Point on a railway where loads are transferred between trains and other means of transport.

access point

Military; Peace keeping

Point on the BZ boundary, where the police stops vehicles to check the drivers' and passengers' passes.

constabulary function

Military; Peace keeping

Possible function of the military in the future: to prevent use of the air, sea or land for proscribed activities, or to enforce embargoes, no-fly-zones or civil order.

vehicle reporting point (VRP)

Military; Peace keeping

Predetermined point on a patrol route where the patrol calls in its position to base on the radio net.