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Terms concerning oil and gas as a fossil fuel and natural resource.

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baseline risk assessment

Energy; Environmental management

During the Site Characterization phase of an RI/FS, a baseline risk assessment (RA) is used to evaluate the potential threat to human health and the environment in the absence of ...

bathtub effect

Energy; Environmental management

The liquid buildup and eventual overflow due to precipitation which enters the unit through the cover but cannot escape through the bottom liner.

bioremediation agents

Energy; Environmental management

Microbiological cultures, enzyme additives, or nutrient additives that are deliberately introduced into an oil discharge and that will significantly increase the rate of ...

partial closure

Energy; Environmental management

The closure of a hazardous waste management unit in accordance with the applicable closure requirements of Parts 264 and 265 of this chapter at a facility that contains other ...

sludge dryer

Energy; Environmental management

Any enclosed thermal treatment device that is used to dehydrate sludge and that has a maximum total thermal input, excluding the heating value of the sludge itself, of 2,500 ...

solvent extraction operation

Energy; Environmental management

An operation or method of separation in which a solid or solution is contacted with a liquid solvent (the two being mutually insoluble) to preferentially dissolve and transfer one ...

asbestos-containing waste materials

Energy; Environmental management

Mill tailings or any waste that contains commercial asbestos and is generated by a source subject to the provisions of this subpart. This term includes filters from control ...