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Terms concerning oil and gas as a fossil fuel and natural resource.

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Dutch disease

Oil & gas; Oil

Term coined in 1977 to describe the decline of Dutch manufacturing after the discovery of natural gas fields in the country in the late Fifties. Dutch disease describes the ...

Paraguaná Refinery Complex

Oil & gas; Oil

The Paraguaná Refinery Complex is the biggest crude oil refinery complex in Venezuela. It is also considered the world's second largest refinery complex. The Paraguaná Refinery ...

motor spirit

Oil & gas; Oil

The light fuel used in spark ignition engines in cars, motorcycles, etc , often referred to as petrol or gasoline.

buy-back price

Oil & gas; Oil

The purchase price that an oil company pays to a state for oil that the company produces but which belongs to the state.

derv, derv fuel

Oil & gas; Oil

An acronym for diesel engine road vehicle fuel, a medium-light liquid fuel derived from gas oil.


Oil & gas; Oil

An aliphatic compound containing two double carbon-to-carbon bonds in its molecules.


Oil & gas; Oil

The process of measuring bulk quantities of liquid The various steps in the process involve accurate measurement of volume, temperature, specific gravity or density, and finally, ...