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Paper products

Any item made partly or entirely out of paper.

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die cut

Paper products; Printer paper

The method of cutting paper into irregular shapes by metallic die to specified dimensions.


Paper products; Printer paper

Pressure vessel for chemical treatment of chips and other fibrous materials like straw bagasse rags, etc., under elevated temperature and pressure to separate fibers. The large ...


Paper products; Printer paper

The property of some inks and coatings to become less fluid (higher viscosity) when worked (stirred), as a result of separation of the vehicle phase from the suspended materials; ...

dioxin content

Paper products; Printer paper

The percentage of dioxin, which is an undesirable chlorinated contaminant generated when chlorine is used in bleaching wood pulp.

direct printing

Paper products; Printer paper

Any printing where the ink is transferred directly from the plate to the paper; most lithographic printing is "offset," i.e., a blanket is utilized to transfer the ink from the ...


Paper products; Printer paper

Usually a blade used on many types of equipment for coating (see blade coating), for metering (removing excess ink from a gravure cylinder or plate), or for keeping the surface of ...

dot gain

Paper products; Printer paper

The gain in size of the printed dot, as a result of the ink, paper, printing pressure, prepress operation, or any combination of these. Since the dots printed are larger than ...