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Personal care products

Also known as toiletries, this industry refers to the manufacturing of consumer products which are used for beautification or personal hygiene.

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Personal care products > Shampoo


Personal care products; Shampoo

Referring to a specific type of hair: fine, medium or coarse.

thermal protector

Personal care products; Shampoo

Sprays specially formulated with heat absorbing polymers to protect the hair from damage. Thermal protectors are applied to the hair prior to using blow dryers and other ...

volumizing shampoo

Personal care products; Shampoo

Shampoos containing substantial amounts of protein in them for added lift, thickness and volume.


Personal care products; Shampoo

A styling product applied to dry hair for added texture, definition and shine. Unlike hairspray and gel, hair wax does not harden or dry. It remains pliable for continuous styling ...

styling foam

Personal care products; Shampoo

Gaseous bubbles in a liquid or solid form coming from an aerosol can that dissolve when applied to the hair. Foam products are used for styling, frizz control and shine.

tea tree oil

Personal care products; Shampoo

Oil extracted from the Melaleuca tree. Tea tree oils are found in some hair products and have been shown to reduce the symptoms of dandruff.


Personal care products; Shampoo

Process of removing unwanted hair color using various types of bleaching agents. Because hair stripping is hard on the hair, it is recommended to deeply condition the hair after ...