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Personal life

Related to the major events through the course of an individual's life.

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perpetual care trust fund

Personal life; Funeral

Portion of burial plot cost set aside in trust for ongoing care.


Personal life; Funeral

One who is present at the funeral out of affection or respect for the deceased.


Personal life; Funeral

Individuals whose duty is to carry the casket when necessary during funeral service. Pallbearers in some sections of the country are hired and in other sections are close friends ...

opening and closing fees

Personal life; Funeral

Fees the cemetery charges for digging and refilling a grave.


Personal life; Funeral

A brief notice of the death of a person, particularly a newspaper notice, which usually lists the name of the deceased, the age, and a biographical sketch. Newspapers may or may ...

niche garden

Personal life; Funeral

Outdoor garden containing structures with niches.


Personal life; Funeral

Portable canvas shelter or tent used to cover the gravesite during burial or committal service.