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Any of various photosynthetic, eukaryotic, multicellular organisms of the kingdom Plantae characteristically producing embryos, containing chloroplasts, having cellulose cell walls, and lacking the power of locomotion.

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Plants; General plants

Genus of about 20 species of usually rhizomatous, evergreen perennials from tropical forest in Asia. The leaf blades are borbe on long, sheathing leaf stalks from a central ...


Plants; General plants

Genus of 90-100 species of perennials, with corm-like rhizomes, from moist, shaded habitats in tropical Africa and Asia. An unusual, fast growing plant. When the bulb starts to ...


Plants; General plants

Genus of 5 species of evergreen shrubs and trees found in scrub and along streamsides from S. US to South America. Angel's Trumpet is so named because it produces large, ...


Plants; General plants

Genus of about 5 species of perennial succulent from semi-arid regions of the Arabian Peninsula and E. to S.W. Africa. The true species forms a caudex at an early age, tends to ...


Plants; General plants

The outer covering of the trunk, branches and the root of the trees. Bark protects the trees from heat, cold, and insects.


Plants; General plants

The light, spongy, outer bark of a kind of oak tree that grows near the Mediterranean Sea.


Plants; General plants

Flowering plant in which the seed has two cotyledons and leaves have a network of veins.