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Political systems

The organisation and interaction of the members that make up the governing power of a social community or state.

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Political systems > Democratic system

captured agency

Political systems; Democratic system

A government agency, especially a regulatory agency, that is largely under the influence of the economic interest group(s) most directly and massively affected by its decisions ...

authorization bill

Political systems; Democratic system

A (proposed) formal act (or “law”) of a legislative body (such as the U.S. Congress or a state legislature) that legally establishes a new government agency or program or else ...


Political systems; Democratic system

In ordinary usage, “bureaucracy” refers to a complex, specialized organization (especially a governmental organization) composed of non-elected, highly trained professional ...

bureaucratic politics

Political systems; Democratic system

Bureaucratic politics theories or explanations of why particular public policy decisions got made the way they did stress the motivation by the relevant officials in the ...


Political systems; Democratic system

The judgement of a court that a person charged with a crime has not been proved to be guilty.


Political systems; Democratic system

Any of a variety of ideologies sharing the fundamental belief that the state and all similar forms of governmental authority are unjustified and oppressive and illegitimate and ...

D'Hondt method

Political systems; Democratic system

D'Hondt system is an electoral formula created by Victor D'Hondt, giving the number of elected officials assigned to the candidates in proportion to the votes ...