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1) Social relations involving authority or power. 2) The art or science of governing.

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Politics; Political Science

One who dissents, or disagrees. In political speech, the term refers to a person who protests injustices or abuses perpetrated by the government of his country. Dissidents are ...

divide and rule

Politics; Political Science

The practice of keeping power by making sure that enemies are always kept divided and therefore too weak to mount an effective challenge. The Roman Empire perfected the strategy ...

divine right

Politics; Political Science

The terms usually refers to the divine right of kings, a medieval belief that the king was appointed by God to rule, and this divine right was passed on by hereditary alone. The ...

division of labor

Politics; Political Science

A method of production on which modern industrial economies are based. It relies on specialization. Each worker performs only one, often very narrow task, in the production ...


Politics; Political Science

Theoretical and impractical. A doctrinaire person may have many theories for the regeneration of society, but will attempt to apply them rigidly, without allowing them to bend to ...


Politics; Political Science

Something taught as the principles or creed of a religion or political party. Similar in meaning to dogma. Doctrine also refers to certain foreign policies, such as the Monroe ...


Politics; Political Science

A doctrine or belief, as laid down by an authority, such as a church. Also means an arrogant assertion of an opinion. When someone states his fixed beliefs and opinions and will ...